Resources, capacity, and expertise proven to help your assets retain more value.

We are an end-to-end solutions provider for institutional clients engaged in financing, buying, selling, managing, and securitizing loans and SFR properties. Our representative clients include almost every bank, investor, fund, issuer, and trader in the space, and our representative transactions total volume in the tens of billions. We approach each engagement as a separate and unique opportunity to offer value and service to our clients, and know that we will earn trust and continued business based on our performance. Armed with an impressive roster of past transactions, we draw on deep experience as a national title insurance underwriter along with the trust and respect of our clients, their constituents and counterparties, and our peers.

WHOLE LOAN MARKET: Products & Services


As a national title insurance underwriter, we have a seasoned network of trusted agents and abstractors across the country, providing us immediate in-house access to a number of helpful real estate search products for any asset.

  • Lien Searches
  • Property Reports
  • Owner/Encumbrance Title Searches
  • Vesting/Deed Reports
  • Assignment Chain Only Searches
  • Document Retrievals
  • Document Creation
  • Title Insurance
  • Replacement Policies
  • Settlement Services
  • Tax Certificates

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